vendredi 1 avril 2005

Drunk in DC.

Setting: A bar, naturally.

Dingbat #1: So, where is the guy with the bad teeth from?

Dingbat #2: Denmark. Yeah, his teeth are really bad.

A little bit later

Dingbat #2: I keep looking over at the Swedish guy. He could be cute - he has great hair! - but what bad teeth!

Dingbat #1: What Swedish guy?

Dingbat #2: The Swedish guy I was talking to.

Dingbat #1: You were talking to a Swedish guy?

Dingbat #2: Yes. The one with the bad teeth.

Dingbat #1: You mean the guy from Denmark?

Dingbat #2: Yes, the Swedish guy. [pause] Oh, Denmark isn't a part of Sweden, is it.

A side note: look at how pretty DC is when things are blooming!

That's right, those are CHERRY BLOSSOMS on the right. Spring is here - oh wait, the weather forecast says there might be snow next week. Yuck. Stupid East coast.