vendredi 29 avril 2005


So last night, I did something I had never done before.

(Get your mind out of the gutter if that's where it's currently residing. Or maybe that's just my mind.)

I went candlepin bowling.

And by "went", I meant that I showed up tipsy with my friend (the one with whom I now eat nearly all my meals, my other self, the girl I went to dim sum with - really, why hasn't the world combusted already, there can't possibly be two of us on this planet - I think the only thing we truly differ on is taste in guys), and we just watched. There was no alcohol there, which was highly disappointing. But wow, was candlepin bowling fascinating.

I, for one, hate bowling. (Not so surpisingly, so does said friend.) It just doesn't sit well with me. For one, I'm always breaking my nails whenever I attempt to bowl. Also, when I bowl, the ball seems to have this undying love affair with the gutter where they just don't want to be separated from each other. I am completely serious when I say that it's a rare day when I break 100 (sadly enough, this even includes computer bowling). And the shoes! Bowling shoes are so ugly! And who the hell wants to borrow shoes that someone else - and you don't if this person has washed his/her feet recently - put his/her feet into? Ew. Plus, bowling is one of those activities where everyone seems to be all perky and high-five-y and there's all this sober camaraderie, and let's be honest, that's not me. I'm more the, you know, another sidecar please, thankyouverymuch, and let's just keep them coming.

I mean, so ugly.

But it was this guy's birthday, and he wanted to go candlepin bowling for these retro nostalgia reasons, and we went. And it was so interesting, because I didn't even know what candlepin bowling was.

Everything is miniaturised! It's like the bowling pins went on a diet, and took the lanes and balls with them! It's cute in the little white puppydog sort of way! Nah, more like a long-haired chihuahua kind of way, because while long-haired chihuahuas are sort of cute, I don't really want one.

But what I was really interested in, super-dork that I am sometimes, was the ball-retrieval mechanism. You see, there's no mechanical gear really involved, not in like regular bowling where there is this underalley machine that brings the ball back to you. No, here, the ball is spit back down the ball-retrieval ramp, which apparently is angled just enough so that the ball can pick up enough speed to go over this hump thingy and wait for the next person to roll it back down the alley. I'm not explaining it that well, but here is a picture.

I mean, it's just so interesting how it works. I spent the entire night trying to capture the ball at the top of the hump thingy, which was much harder than it sounds.

I finally accomplished it here. Unfortunately, the majority of my pictures were blurry last night, this one included. But you get the idea. It was an example of brilliant physics at work.

(Ohmygod, hit me now, I can't believe I actually said something complimentary about physics.)