lundi 11 avril 2005

Because you can never eat too much.

It is rather endearing when a guy you could be potentially interested in is so.. hm, for lack of better word, chicken shit, that rather than he talk to you in front of his older brother, who apparently is also at the ed school and in front of whom he is apparently afraid to make a misstep for fear that it gets back to his father, he gets drunk and passes out, to the great amusement of his friends who have apparently told him that he "has options [read: yours truly] and is being stupid." In other words, that's right, he'd rather be that lame alcoholic fool rather than than talk to a girl. Okay, that's not so much endearing as totally interest-killing yet neverthess amusing in its patheticness. Really, I am not that scary of a person. I am only 5'4. How intimidating can I be?

That being said, we had a(nother) party for one of my friends, which of course involved much cooking. She wanted a potluck party, and it being her 30th, her wish was our command. And thusly, in an almost-weekly posting of food pictures/porn, here's what people brought - or at least, what people had brought before I got really drunk and forgot to keep taking pictures.

Bacon-wrapped parmesan-stuffed Medjool dates. You have cheese and you have bacon - how can you go wrong? And the fruit (are dates fruit?) make it "healthy".

This was my contribution, Sicilian broccoli and cauliflower pasta. It was either this or baked ziti (yum, oh yum, tons of cheese), but then I decided to err on the side of light because we didn't know what other people were bringing. And it had cauliflower, with which I was busy having a love affair until microwaveable pasta got in the way.

Steak with.. I'm not sure what, I know the sauce involved tons of butter and spinach. Obviously, we were not scrimping on calorie intake that night nor were we really worrying about our arteries so much.

Chocolate cupakes with maple frosting. Might as well just directly inject sugar into my bloodstream, it has the same effect.

Cheeeeeesecake with berries and a chocolate oreo crust. Look how nicely the berries glisten.

And here's the food all together on a plate. There is also fried rice and a spring roll on my plate, and there was tons more food (like tortilla española, yummy) but did I mention that we bought 2 cases of wine and 2 handles of vodka and other people brought ... oh, it's easier to just show you.

Tequila shots. Always such a good idea at the time, never a good idea later on. And if you combine some with ginger ale, and then bang them against the table (with your hand covering the glass, of course, to prevent massive mess), you get tequila poppers. My stomach cringes at the mere thought.