jeudi 31 mars 2005

Sweet delights.

I am finally back from DC. Everyone may commence cheering! This does not mean that the posts are going to get any better though. Hahaha. What expectations you have.

No, nothing happened between me and shithead. Actually, I ended up staying with one of my friends in Bethesda my last night because I could NOT take the state of shithead's apartment anymore. He's been there for nearly a year, and has NO FURNITURE aside from an easy chair, a bed, and bookshelves, he does NOT have trash cans, and worst of all, he does NOT have a bathmat. Do you know HOW GROSS that is? Thankfully, I brought flipflops. I just want to tell him that there is no way he's ever going to get a girl if he doesn't tidy up some more - and especially his bathroom. So as soon as my meetings were over, I decided to hightail it to the decidedly more feminine sanctuary of my friend's apartment (teehee, I was so close to not telling him I was leaving and just leaving a note Wednesday morning with the keys, because it would have been so funny), where there was actually food in the fridge and furniture and trash cans and BATHMATS.

Anyway. One day, my friends (the other dingbats) and I had lunch at this lovely Spanish restaurant called Taberna del Alabardero. It's a little stuffy and fussy in atmosphere, but service was excellent and damn was the food good (I got the veal sweetbreads, by the way. I love me my sweetbreads). The highlight of the lunch, however, was when the radiator over one of my friend's heads started seriously leaking. We were offered another table, but we were almost done with lunch and the water didn't bother us that much. So they brought us three desserts, on the house, for being so gracious about the whole matter. FREE DESSERT. I don't know if there's a more beautiful juxtaposition of words in the English language.

This is a warm almond pastry with lemon custard. Just look at how pretty it is. It was hard to destroy such loveliness, but it was well worth it.

This is a flan with caramel ice cream. Words cannot describe how great the caramel ice cream was, the depth and complexity of the flavours.

This, however, while deceptively simple, was actually my favourite dessert. It's golden pineapple in spiced syrup and lemon sorbet. The little dark things are pink peppercorns. Generally, I don't like pineapple, but this one was lush and sweet, and the syrup was also sweet yet had some underlying complex flavours that I couldn't quite identify.

This was only one of many outstanding meals we had over the course of the four days. Unfortunately, this was also the only one I photographed. Screw continuing my education; I wanna be a food critic.