lundi 21 mars 2005

Sunday procrastination.

You learn something new every day. While over at my friend's apartment for brunch after she picked me up from the airport yesterday, she took out cartons of eggs, saying that it was the vernal equinox and that this was the only time in the year where you can stand an egg on it's little side. Of course we had to try this while watching Miss Congeniality, because, I mean, homework, what's that?

Here is a picture of me having successfully balanced one egg, working on my second. I look like I'm about three in this picture. Maybe that's because often I am, at least mentally.

Here are two eggs balanced, one mine, one my friend's.

Then we started picking up the pace.

Here are five eggs. FIVE EGGS!


A BAKER'S DOZEN! And this is where we stopped, because the rest of our eggs were "defective" and wouldn't balance properly.

Don't these eggs look like they belong in a Magritte painting?

These also. There's something surreal about them. Or they look like alien pods.

After all of that was done, I did a google search to find out when the vernal equinox was over (as my friend swore up and down that when she used to do this in high school, that as soon as the equinox was over all the eggs would fall over on their sides), only to find out that this was an urban legend! You can do this at other times of the year! C'est impossible! Upon further examination, however, please note that we have balanced the eggs on their SMALLEST end whereas all the other websites show the eggs balanced on their LARGER end. So there. We did not waste 4 hours balancing eggs, no siree.

Just look at what you can do with a Hahvahd degree. If we don't graduate this year, it's because we're doing stupid things like this on a Sunday instead of work.

PS. As of midnight last night, when I last talked to my friend - the eggs are all still standing. Apparently, she plans on leaving them in the centre of her living room until they fall over of their own accord. This could be really, really interesting.