lundi 14 mars 2005

School? What school?

Maybe this website is on its way to becoming a site about food. But that wouldn't be a terrible thing, would it.

Before my party, a small select group of people had to be fed, of course. I love cooking for other people, because then I don't have massive amounts of leftovers, and it's just fun. In another life, I'd throw weekly dinner parties with elaborate menus and lots of booze. Maybe it'll happen in this life someday.

Yes, this is the same roasted beet salad from my friend's birthday party a couple of weeks back. I am such a fan of this salad that I begged my friend to make it again. Even better with some Hawaiian goat cheese (a gift from a friend who went there recently - who knew they had goats in Hawaii?) crumbled on top.

Ah, daube de boeuf, a Julia Child recipe taken from my Amanda Hesser cookbook. You know you're using a Julia Child recipe when you let chunks of beef marinate overnight in a white wine and gin mixture. Then you let it simmer for half a day, so the beef is positively falling apart. There are also onions, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bacon in the stew. It was served with some boiled new potatoes. I had friends just drinking the marinade straight. And maybe that's how they got drunk.

For dessert, we had angel food cake with strawberries and ample whipped cream. Mmm, angel food cake.

Then, of course, the party itself needed its own proper foodstuffs.

Sadly, this strawberry salsa is the only thing I took pictures of. Remember, once I'm drunk, I don't really remember that I have a camera anymore, even though it might be dangling from my arm. I also made:
*Spicy toasted garbanzo beans and pistachios
*Marinated picholine olives
*Tomato salsa

I think the most creative aspect of the night is when my friends and I decided to write conversation starters on the cups before everyone else got there. You see, we had this "no-talking-about-academics" rule (which of course I was the first one to break within 15 minutes, dammit - at least I didn't have to follow through with the punishment of having to stand out on my freezing cold balcony for 10 minutes), so we had the cups instead. And I leave you with a picture of the aftermath from the party, and one of the burning questions we asked on one of the cups: You know what sesame seeds are. But what exactly is a sesame?

Yeah, you've never thought about what a sesame is before, have you. It's just so fascinating.