mardi 29 mars 2005

Lost in DC.

Setting: Three girls standing on the corner of 14th and F, in the NW quadrant.

Dingbat #1: Where do you think the National Press Club is?

Dingbat #2: I don't know. Why don't we walk around until we find it?

Dingbat #3: But it's supposed to be at this intersection, and besides, we're already late and my feet hurt.

Dingbat #2: It's gotta be one of these buildings. Do we have a building number?

Dingbat #1: No, the stupid school didn't give it to us.

Dingbat #3: Yeah, remember, they just said it was at the corner of 14th and F, northwest.

Dingbat #2: Hey, that street sign says "NW", it must be that building.

Dingbat #3: ALL the street signs say "NW", we're in the northwest quadrant.

Dingbat #1: We're all getting our masters and we can't figure out which building we have to go to?

Dingbat #3: [pointing to a tall building] I think it's that one, it's the tallest and the National Press Club is on the 13th floor.

Dingbat #2: We only had one drink apiece, why is this hard? And since when do buildings have 13 floors? Isn't that bad luck?

Dingbat #1: [Turning to some guy to ask for directions]. Excuse me, do you know where the National Press Club is?

Man from DC: [Points to the building that Dingbat #3 pointed to. He's sorta smirking, and he has good reason.] Yes, it's that one right there. You'll want to take that entrance to get up to the 13th floor.

Dingbat #2: Hey, that building actually says "National Press Building".

Dingbat #3: Oh, and that Corner Bakery says "National Press" under it.

Dingbat #1: That guy must've thought we were morons. It was in front of our faces and we didn't even see it.

Dingbat #3: Oh well. I hope they have food, I'm hungry again.