mercredi 16 mars 2005

La peste.

My sore throat on Friday developed into me totally losing my voice Saturday. Luckily, I have my voice back, but then there was this weak little persistent cough on Sunday, which has just further developed into waves of medium-sized partially-hacking coughs. I feel like I'm slowly dying, like those ailing heroines in Victorian novels, and any day now I expect to cough up a lung. My only explanation is that I'm carrying the plague, and now I'm supposed to get on an airplane in a couple of hours (to fly home! Hey - the PhD program found funds to fly me back to visit, and I'm not one to turn down a free plane trip). So I am going to spread my germs all over the country, yippee! Boy, those people sitting near me on the airplane are going to love me.

Seeing that I'm too hungover to pack, I decided to muse upon the whole slew of happy hours that've been occurring between the ed school and other schools in Cambridge. Because, you know, spring is here, the other schools have realised that the ed school is 75% female, and HELLO, 75% female, that's plenty of girls for the pickin'.

So last night there was a happy hour with the law school. Y'all know my opinion on law students, that the majority of them are wretched soulless selfish creatures, a generalisation I'm happy to cast seeing that I dated one for two years, slept with another couple, and have (had? hee!) a whole bunch as friends. I only went because my friends were going, and seeing that if I don't talk to them every day we go into withdrawal, I went. Everytime I met a guy who proudly proclaimed he was from the law school, my instinctive reaction was to tilt my head sympathetically and say, "Oh, I'm sorry."

And I think that that's my problem, why I'm not meeting more guys. Here are all these guys with massive egos (especially if they go to Hahvahd), chests puffed with pride at their profession (this is not limited to lawyers; it also extends to med students), just waiting for me, obviously a addlebrained easily-impressionable girl in the ed school, to fall into their waiting arms. So the last reaction they ever expect to get is:

"Oh, I'm sorry."

It's just that I'm not impressed. You need more than a big flashy professional school to get my attention. Getting into law school only requires good grades, good LSAT scores, and a good essay. They do not interview you; they base their acceptances purely on how good you look on paper. Getting into med school is admittedly harder, but since I had to go through it I have no awe for those in it. Additionally, I don't want to get involved with anyone in either profession because I know firsthand how little personal time people in either school - and career - have, and I'm not willing to go through that again.

And thusly, with three little words and a small head movement, I totally kill their game. Don't get me wrong, it's all sorts of fun (for me), but it also means it's that much harder for me to meet guys. But I take my joy where I get it - and I think, unfortunately, that I have a far better time puncturing egos than I have coddling them. It takes a rare guy to appreciate this humour. But I have hope that he's out there. He's just not gonna be a lawyer or a doctor.