jeudi 3 février 2005

Wedding bells (or not).

While watching The Today Show (I don't know why I watch it, I find all the people on the show incredibly annoying) yesterday, one of the topics was something along the lines of - if your man is afraid of marriage, here's how to get him to commit. Oh, here's the book whose authors they interviewed.

My thought: If the guy is afraid of marriage, coercing him into it does not bode well for the future.

This is a topic that rather interests me, not because I am looking to get married yet (hello, it's still all about me right now), but rather because I have a friend who's been with her boyfriend for almost eight years now, and he's apparently not ready to get married yet (but he will marry her, he promises), although they did just move in together last year. She is DYING to get married. Words cannot express her frustration at WHY doesn't he just propose already? This is ALL she talks about nowadays. One of our guy friends refuses to hang out with her now because she is incapable of talking about anything else. She drops hints to her boyfriend left and right, overtly and subversely. If she doesn't get engaged by their anniversary (this April - although she would prefer to be engaged by her birthday which is this weekend), I fear for his well-being.

Human will is what it is, and people should not try to change others to fit to their own personal desires. I mean, look at me and medical school. My parents tried ohsohard to make their eldest become a doctor. Not so much anymore. People will do what they want to do, and hopefully what is best for them, and que sera, sera. Then again, perhaps I'm too laissez-faire, and should just join a hippie commune now. (Haha, I would make such a bad hippie.)