mardi 8 février 2005

Shopping and champagne.

I can't believe I forgot this shopping tale. Whilst in New York a couple of weeks ago, my friend and I scheduled in an extra day that we could devote to shopping and walking around the city and NOT running from meeting to meeting. Since I had already hit my favourite part of the city the day before while taking an extended lunch, we decided to wander around Soho, which I am not terribly fond of because it's normally crowded with tourists and the stores are nothing special. (Give me Nolita any day - small overpriced boutiques with people who speak French, uncrowded streets, and I'm in love.)

It was bitterly cold outside, so we dipped into the first semi-interesting store we saw. It did look a little too hipster for our tastes, but did I mention how cold it was outside? Freezing cold. So inside we went, mainly to warm up.

"Are you with the Norwegian model contigency?"

Pardon? I most certainly do NOT look like I could come from any Scandinavian country, being too short and not blonde (despite what some readers of this site may believe), although my friend could pass it off. But no, and so we told her so.

"Oh, well, have a glass of champagne."

Hello! This is my kind of shopping! Champagne and little tea sandwiches and jeans that were 50% off! Apparently, the Norweigan models were in town, hence the special fancy dancy treatment. My friend got a picture of my shopping, in my fur coat and vintage Gucci purse, holding a glass of champagne while poring over piles of jeans. It makes quite a pretentiously chic picture, if I do say so myself. And indeed, when we looked around, we did see a bunch of tall quirky-looking (à la Stella Tennant and those types - yes, I realise Stella Tennant is not Norweigan, but I don't remember the names of any current quirky models) people who could be Norwegian and could be models.

The picture above is (we assume) the models' low-rise Hummer limo. But really, more stores should offer champagne and nibbles while shopping. It would make the already enjoyable experience that much more fun. (And yes, we picked up a pair of jeans apiece. How could we not? Did I mention - HALF OFF?)