dimanche 13 février 2005

Music in my kitchen.

So I've been tapped by the ever-so-lovely Coquette (whose life in Paris I envy greatly) with this meme that's been travelling the food blogging circle. No, I'm not a food blogger, but boy, do I like eating. And sometimes cooking, but I rarely have time to cook nowadays. Does that count? Well, in my world it counts, so there.

I am not a gigantic music listener. Primarily, I listen to what's on the radio, although I do have this propensity to seek out music that nobody's ever heard of because that's the way I am. I'd like to say that I knew about Dido ages before she became well-known.

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
619 songs, only about 20 of which I actually ever listen to.

What is the last CD you bought?
I really don't buy CDs anymore, since I can download most of the songs I want. Usually, the only ones I buy at this point are to support friends, and indeed, the last bought was a CD produced by a girl here at school, who is a phenomenal singer.

What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
Well, let's see, this is a tricky question. You mean the last song I heard at the pool hall on Saturday? Do you think I remember these things? I mean, I'm lucky if I remember to close out my tab. I am forever having to return to bars to get my credit card the next morning. The last song I listened to, which must've been when I was driving because that's really the only time I listen to music, is "Alabina" by, well, Alabina. (Doesn't look like they've updated their website in forever.) It's a great song that always inspires me to take up belly-dancing or flamenco, depending on whether the current part I'm listening to is in Arabic or Spanish. Then the song is over, and I forget about such crazy ideas.

Write down five songs you often listen to, or that mean a lot to you.
1. Pink Martini, "Sympathique". The refrain goes:
Je ne veux pas travailler
Je ne veux pas déjeuner
Je veux seulement l'oublier
Et puis je fume.
How can you not love it?

2. Brooks and Dunn, "You Can't Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl". Country, you say? Oh yes, dahlin'. This is the song that started that small obsession. It's only a matter of time before I get cowboy boots. And again, the refrain:
She lives in LA
She flies to New York City
That woman's been around the world
You can the girl out of the honky tonk
But you can't take the honky tonk
Take the honky tonk
Out of the girl.
I don't know what honky tonk is. Since the song is about this girl ruining a wedding by running off with the groom, I suspect it's a marked lack of morals.

3. Saint Etienne, "Sylvie". It reminds me of a lazy afternoon on the beach, even though that's not what it's about at all.

4. There is this song, on one of my random Euro-house rock-type CDs, that I love, and it elicits imagery of sheer white curtains blowing in the wind and unrealised dreams and other such stuff, even though the words have nothing to do with it. Of course, the CD design is beyond-chic, because that's the image they're looking for - so the CD does not have a name on it, and obviously no song titles are there to mar the sleek images - and naturally, I've lost the sleeve it came with. So I don't know the name of the song nor the CD, I'm sorry.

5. Carly Simon, "You're So Vain". LOVE this song. I'm not really sure why, but I do.

Gosh, I wanted to list many more songs than that. And I like that what I associate many songs with has nothing to do with what they're really about.

Who are you going to pass this stick to (three persons) and why?
The divine Jenn over at The FunkyJenn Gazette, because I know she has fabulous taste. Alex over at Educated Beyond Her Intelligence, because she always makes me laugh. And lastly, Fat Asian Baby at her eponymous site, because she is always posting info about bands I have never heard of because I am uncool like that.