mercredi 2 février 2005

I could open a department store.

So. The majority of my classes haven't started yet, and already I am booked beyond belief. Not only do I not have/have I not had a free evening this week or next (to be fair, however, a couple are school-related drinking events, another is a date, but the rest are all meetings), but I have More Work than I know what to do with. What between the fact that I am taking five classes, one of which is an independent study I blithely agreed to do with my already overworked professor which will entail my surveying all the literature for the past 10 years on the achievement gap (and eventually writing a 20 page paper - why, because four final papers weren't enough already?), another of which is a class at another school that has 80 pages of reading due tomorrow because it started a week early as it has a different schedule, and that I have a panel to organise as well for the end of February as more events for the student body... I have already gone through a ream of paper printing out necessary articles to read, and did I mention that the semester hasn't officially started yet? I am DULL AS ROCKS right now. Because, quite honestly, I have no time to have a real life.

Thus, I leave you with a picture of all the pretty shoes I unfortunately cannot wear because (a) it is too cold and there is SNOW and SLUSH everywhere, (b) they have pointy heels and I can't wear pointy heels because I get stuck in the freaking cobblestones, (c) people already look at me funny because I wear a fur coat to class (at least I am warm dammit), (d) my walk to campus is too damn long to be wearing cute shoes, and (e) all of the above.

Ah, the dratted groundhog DID see a shadow. This means another six damn weeks of gross cold weather.

What is sad is that this is not my entire shoe collection. Oh no. For one, that is only 2/3rds of the shoes in ONE closet. That's right, I have two closets in my room, the other of which has another assortment of shoes, those of the more loafer/sneaker persuasion, as well as the cute shoes that I keep in their boxes. And then there are the three BIG bags of shoes I shipped home that I figured I would never get around to wearing here (as my original plan was to only be on the East Coast for one more year, but that has most likely changed now), even though they are all sorts of cute and pointy-heeled and different colours. And then there is also a heap of shoes by the front door that never make it back into my closet because there is no room. And that's only the shoes. I haven't even shown you pictures of all the purses and clothes. It's a sickness, I tell you.