vendredi 11 février 2005

Friends are... (fill in the blank).

Kevin: You're a scary girl.
Me: Really? Why do you say that?
Kevin: Just because.
Me: I'm sorry, I need a qualifier.
Kevin: No reason really. I just wanted to start a fight.
Me: You're really bored at work.
Kevin: Yeah, just a little bit.
Me: So, did it work?
Kevin: Not so much, really.

Liz: I'm going to take your number and give it to that cute guy you were dancing with.
Me: Why? I could just go home with him and sleep with him and not see him ever again. [Because I have good morals. Haha. Also, did I mention that Liz is a teacher?]
Liz: Just give me your number.
Me: I like my way better. Besides, I don't think he's that cute.
Liz: He is really cute. I already gave my number to his friend.
Me: Blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. [Accompanied with me sticking my tongue out at her. Because I am mature. And drunk.]
Liz: I'm just going to take your phone now and give him your number.
[A few moments later]
Liz: Okay. I gave him your number. And he says he'll call this weekend.
Me: Whatever you say, I'll see it when I believe it.
Liz: Believe it when you see it?
Me: Yeah, whatever. Why did you give him my number again?
Liz: I just did. Now shut up and drink.