mercredi 16 février 2005

For your analysis.

So, the guy still hasn't called. I'm not terribly torn up about it, primarily because I am trying to decide whether or not I should care, and I am leaning towards the "not" side. Primary reason: he is in architecture school. If there is anything I have learned, it's that the three following professions (and professional schools) are the biggest timesucks in the world, and if you date someone from them you don't get to complain about not seeing them if they are to be successful in their respective fields: law, medicine, architecture. I have gone out with more law students than I care to think about. I know the medicine world really well. I have friends in architecture school who work so much they SLEEP UNDER THEIR DESKS. Additionally, he's so not my type - not only does he have longish (and incidentally very pretty blond, but still long) hair, but he also has facial hair. And really, I like my guys clean cut. And he's from Northern California, and there is generally such an ideological divide between those from that part of the state, and those from LA.

But I'm not completely averse to him, as the conversation is good (although upon further reflection, I believe my Orangina poster is more like a Matisse than a Kandinsky, if we're looking at altered proportions), he's cute in spite of all the hair on his head, and there are other various perks.

Anyway, while he was over, he decided to make up a little playlist on my computer, using the 619 songs I've previously downloaded (don't ask why he did it). I figured that this would be a good insight into his psyche. And so I'm listing the songs here, because I know there's some sort of deeper analysis that can be made, I just haven't figured it out yet.

[Abba] Dancing queen
[Abba] Take a chance on me
[Air] All I need
[Air] Cherry blossom girl
[Air] Playground love
[Chris Isaak] Somebody's crying
[Chris Isaak] Wicked games
[Counting Crows] Sweet home Alabama
[Duran Duran] The chauffeur
[Jefferson Airplane] Don't you want somebody to love you
[Jefferson Airplane] White rabbit
[Massive Attack] Teardrop
[Mazzy Star] Fade into you
[Oasis] Champagne supernova
[Police, The] Every little thing she does is magic
[Portishead] Sour times
[Portishead] Strangers
[Radiohead] Nobody does it better
[Righteous Brothers, The] Unchained melody
[Soup Dragons] Devine thing
[U2] Beautiful day
[U2] Mysterious ways
[U2] The Sweetest Thing
[Van Morrison] Moondance
[Yo la tengo] I shot Andy Warhol
[Yo la tengo] London clash

Before you pillory him for his crap taste in music (if that's what you believe), do keep in mind that these are songs on MY computer, and *I* downloaded them first. Also, remember that he did a quick scan-through to pick the songs, hence so many by one artist/group. Incidentally! He doesn't know this, but I do, and now you as well - Van Morrison's Moondance is going to be the first song at my wedding. I don't care if it's not significant to my future husband and myself initially, but you bet your ass I'll make it important to the both of us. But that's a total aside.

I think this is a good test that I will administer in the future to guys I'm interested in - I'll get them over, and have them burn a CD using my music files. Then I will be able to determine the potentials of future compatibility.

Incidentally, I still have his watch. I am debating whether I should call him first and let him know I found it, or whether I should wait for him. Which is the right thing to do, not just morally and ethically but also per the rules of the game? Maybe it's my turn to call, but I'm not the one leaving my personal items over at other people's apartments. As I mentioned in previous comments, it's a very lovely watch that, if bought brand new, would put me back.. oh wait, let me look it up... ACK! At least a good dozen pairs of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos, plus a Gucci purse thrown in for good measure. And even though it's definitely a men's watch, I could make it into a pocketwatch or something.

On second thought, what kind of dumbass loses his watch? Especially one that could send me into a lovely shoe frenzy? I'm sorry, but once accustomed to wearing a watch, I feel naked without it. If this is some stupid game, I'm not going to play, I swear. Games are infantile and unproductive. I wasn't the one who called first, having to go through the other 30 girls in the ed school directory who have a similar name to mine in order to find the right number. So maybe I won't call, and I'll just keep the watch, all as a matter of principle. Although, I have been advised to call later this week, but to not mention the watch. Games. I Hate Games. And for a guy I'm only partially interested in as well!

It's not that I'm a money-grubbing whore, because I'm not (question: would I be a bigger money-grubbing whore if I kept the watch, or went out with him because of the watch?), but I really like shiny pretty things. Like a macaw. That's me: Gloria the macaw. Squawk.