lundi 28 février 2005

A big ol' birthday bash.

Finally! I remembered to take pictures of a dinner! One of my friends turns 33 in a couple of days, and so another friend and I decided to throw her a big party Saturday night. There were some 100 people invited, and about half made an appearance at some point during the night, which involved a cocktail party followed by clubbing. But before the festivities commenced, we had a small dinner for the birthday girl, mainly to make sure that we got some solid food into our systems before drinking (so idiots like myself don't roast only half a head of cauliflower for dinner and then wonder why she ended up so drunk that night).

Pot roast. Beef cooking in its own fat for over half a day can never be bad.

Baby spinach salad with roasted beets, avocado, red onion, cucumber, and candied pecans. I never knew that I liked beets until now. Beets out of a can are nasty. Real beets, however, are scrumptious.

Risotto milanese, with leeks. I love leeks. Yummy. Even better with cheese on top.

And here it is all together, along with a nice glass of pinot noir. Yum. When we got back at 4am and were druuuuuunk, it was awesome reheated.

This is just a hint of the party part, the stories of which will follow. See this alcohol? Just the tip of the iceberg, my darlings. Just the tip.