lundi 7 février 2005

Adventures in clubland.

I should have spent my weekend working, although every time I think about how much work I have I want to cry and crawl back into bed (or preferably, lie on the beach, but it is not quite warm enough to do that yet, sigh). Instead, I spent my weekend drunk and clubbing (or attempting to go clubbing - Boston's nightlife is distinctly lacking). It's been awhile since I've had a true weekend out (as generally I restrict drunken carousing to one night a week), and the aftereffects were worthy of true whining. Here's a compliation of thoughts on partying hard:
  1. Without fail, getting home at 2:30AM every night (morning?) will leave one utterly useless the next day. Said exhausted person will use her hangover as an excuse to lay in bed until noon watching her tivoed shows and calling her friends to bemoan her state, which are very effective and satisfying mode of procrastination.

  2. The cutest guys will be at the gym when one is hungover and not looking very cute, what with eye makeup running everywhere and sweat and a grumpy look due to the fact that one is at the gym and no longer in bed. Attempts to rationalise previous night's dancing as exercise as to have a slightly less strenuous workout are weak yet reassuring.

  3. Vodka can be consumed in amazingly large quantities with only slight deleterious effects the next day. Any more than two glasses of wine, however, and the hangover from hell will reappear.

  4. Clubbing with a big group that largely consists of guys will make it really damn hard to meet other guys, as they just assume that one is paired off with someone else in the group. Also, having said guys in groups be simultaneously overprotective and mischef-causing makes it that much harder.

  5. Guys who lack the balls to come up to talk to a girl, preferring to just stand and glance over (or even worse, stare), will not be looked upon favourably.

  6. People who can't dance are really funny to watch. (The obvious had to be stated.) Related to this: guys who can't dance yet attempt to hit on girls using their pathetic dancing skills are really really funny to watch.

  7. Cities need to have fast food open past club closing hours, because french fries are always desired after a hard night out and not having access to fried food leaves one really cranky.