vendredi 21 janvier 2005

Paper procrastination methods.

When I have papers to write, I eat a lot of chocolate. Since I am a little snob about chocolate (amongst many other things), this is not cheap nasty-tasting Hershey's chocolate, but something along the lines of chocolate from a real chocolate place. So not only am I nullifying my newly-acquired gym habit, I'm rapidly emptying out my wallet as well. Awesome.

In addition to reading craigslist personals because they are so funny, I also take lots of online quizzes instead of doing my work. It's because online quizzes have the answers to all my questions, such as, Why don't you have a boyfriend? Here are the results of that one.
You Don't Have a Boyfriend Because You are Too Picky

You have no problem attracting guys - and even dating a little
It's just around second or third date time where you start to see faults
If a guy isn't near perfect, you're not into him.
It's good to have standards - but yours rule almost everyone out.
Actually, I was hoping for a more illuminating answer, like, "guys in Boston and especially Cambridge are socially incompetent morons and it's time to move your ass to New York because you will meet more guys there." But no. The quiz had to tell me something I already know. And that's why I think I want - no, I definitely need - this t-shirt from from David and Goliath. Because it's so me, can't you tell?

The David and Goliath website also has this kick-ass Throw rocks at boys game. It is so much fun.

(In case you are keeping tabs, the two papers this time are on cross-cultural perceptions of achievement and applying research to practice in math education. I did not get to choose the topics which is why they sound so boring.)