lundi 10 janvier 2005

Many apologies.

Sorry for all the hustle and bustle. Always knew that it wasn't a good idea to use a pseudonym that's the same as one of the email addressses I frequently use for friends - but, I didn't figure people would actually google it. Some intrepid souls did, however - I have to say, I'm surprised it wasn't sooner, and.. really, as I'd like to rather stay as anonymous as possible, I decided to pack everything up (figuratively) and move.

(Read: I like to talk smack about my friends sometimes, and they don't really need to know that I've been doing it. I am a mean mean person.)

And because I am so lazy, I didn't even really change anything but the URL and title. I'd been meaning to, anyway, the old one was getting a touch stale for my tastes. Plus, I felt so bad for everyone searching for that Lewis Carroll poem in the hopes of finding help on their papers (cough, plagarists), yet to no avail, instead reaching my babbling.

Et voilà. Here I am, and here I hope to say for the foreseeable future. New digs, but all the same nonsense you've grown so accustomed to.

Speaking of which, I think I need a new name as well. I mean, I could always go by La Principessa, but that's such a pain to type out.

P.S. I am quite blatantly also using this as a way to procrastinate so that I don't have to write my papers, one on multi-perspectival observations of learning in museums, the other on attachment theory and emotional psychopathology. I fall asleep just reading my short descriptions.