lundi 17 janvier 2005

First gym visit of the year.

Alternate title: Another Sunday.

AM : Wake up. Swear NEVER to drink ever again. Try to remember how much you actually drank last night. Stop counting when you run out of fingers.

10:40 AM : Continue staring at ceiling, trying to will the headache to go away. Remember that you were very smart last night and left the Advil bottle next to your bed. Pop a couple of Advil.

10:41 AM : Contemplate going to the gym, which you had joined the day before (only New Year's Resolution made!). Wonder if you can actually stand up without puking.

10:42 AM : Sit up. Realise what a mistake that was. Wish you had also been smart enough to buy straws so that you could drink water lying down.

10:45 AM : Decide that you want to check your email. Drag laptop off of desk onto bed, letting it sit on your stomach while you do a little bit of blog-reading and online shopping.

10:50 AM : Pop in Ocean's 11. Rejoice in the fact that Brad Pitt is single again!

10:57 AM : Fall asleep again.

11:20 AM : Wake up. Wonder why laptop is on your stomach. At least it's nice and warm! And it's gotta be flattening out your stomach with its weight, right?

11:30 AM : Decide that breakfast will make you feel better. Drag self out of bed to make scrambled eggs. Eat eggs. Realise that that helped only marginally. Really really wish someone would bring you french fries and chicken mcnuggets, as those cure any hangover.

11:45 AM : Crawl back into bed. Try to come up with plan for meeting Brad Pitt. Start IMing people trying to get pity for the massive hangover. Get upset when people are't appropriately understanding.

12:15 PM : Fall asleep while IMing quasi-ex, but not before thinking, he's being nicer today than he's been since senior year, when you decided that hooking up with him wasn't doing it for you anymore and went home with your friend's hot older brother, he's gotta have something up his sleve.

3:45 PM: Wake up. Feel sort of better! Get self in car to drive to gym before you figure out another reason not to go.

5:15 PM : While leaving gym, negate any benefits incurred from working out and stop by McDonald's because you are still hungover and chicken mcnuggets are the only way to solve this. Realise that this could be a big potential problem, that the McDonald's is on the way home from the gym. Console self by telling self that normally, you'd just eat the fast food without working out beforehand. So it's all okay!