jeudi 13 janvier 2005

Because I'm a little jetsetter.

I'm all about the crazy travel plans. Examples:

Providence to LA. Two days later, LA to Spain.
Paris to LA. Three days later, LA to NY.
Madison to Providence. A day later, Providence to LA.

and my favourite, because I barely had time to shower in between:

LA to Providence. TWO-AND-A-HALF HOURS LATER, Providence to Charlottesville.

Someone forgot that redeye flight means that you get in the next day.

And then there are the times where I immediately hop in my car and go to another city, instead of being smart and just flying into that city. This is usually always, LA to Providence/Boston, car to NY as soon as luggage is collected.

I wish I could blame it on my personal assistant, but I don't have one. Instead, it's just me, struck by paralysing deliberations when making airline ticket purchases, sitting there going "should I leave at 11AM or 1PM? Should I leave on Monday after class or Tuesday butt-early in the morning? If I take an afternoon flight will my odds of sitting next to a cute businessman be higher or lower?" So on, and so forth. So one would think that I'd be smart enough to schedule my flights so that I either 1) spend a decent amount of time in one city or 2) stop backtracking over already-travelled terrain.

Not so much.

So we're just going to continue with this, as I'll be going from LA to Boston on the redeye tonight, then two hours later, Boston to New Haven for some all-night partying with those Yalies. Or Elis, if you do crossword puzzles on a regular basis. I have it on good faith that my friend who is a grad student there meets Lots Of Cute Guys. And apparently, as I am incapable of having any sort of relationship (read: friends-with-benefits deal) with someone who actually lives in the same city as myself - well, why not New Haven? It's a good 90 minutes closer to Boston than New York is. And doesn't involve plane flights, like DC or Cville. And as long as we keep me away from the law school so that I stop falling under temporary enchantment (read: lust borne out of a realisation that the cute guy in front of me is a good banterer, too - see, I am not shallow, I need the whole package) only to realise that WAIT, all law students are assholes (anywhere from the next morning to three months to two years later), I'll be safe. Or, you know, I could just keep running with this law student trend since I seem to be so good at it. There is nothing like not learning from past mistakes.

At the very least, it'll hopefully make for good stories, as there've been a great dearth of them lately.

PS. Because I know that everyone cares about my horoscope as much as I do, here are some promising snippets:
After months of griping about how nothing exciting ever happens to you, your friends will suddenly need to remind you that you've been wishing this on yourself -- and to be quiet. Not that you'll mind. It's all about relationships taking surprising turns -- quite possibly because you've decided the old ways don't suit you anymore.
If you are single and hoping to find love, be open to new "types" and to the introductions of friends, your most likely source for meetings this month. You seem to be about to encounter smart, conservative types who may work in the banking and brokerage world, or who work for big companies in management functions...If your birthday is September 12 (or within five days of this date), you will benefit quite a bit from the romantic trend sets in motion by the new moon on January 10.
Then again, according to the same horoscope, if I was attached, I'd apparently be wanting a baby. Hello, I'm single and I want babies. But only if I can return them when it's time to change their diapers and deal with their crying.