jeudi 20 janvier 2005

Absolutely frustrated.

Because I am All Sort Of Nice, and Always think of Other People first (stop laughing!).. when I had my last cocktail party in December, I made sure to make it a mix of people I knew, so that maybe some could hit it off. Just call me Emma. Actually, I think I'm more Cher.


One of my ed school friends hit it off with one of my med school friends, and they've been going out since December. I am, of course, happy whenever my matchmaking pays off (as it always does. I am an excellent judge of character as long as I'm not interested in the guy).

Now, my ed school friend knows me well (even though she's only known me for 3 months). She told my med school friend (who I've known for 2 years) that he simply must work on finding me someone.

Problem? I know all of the guys he knows because we were in the same class.

But!! He told her that there was a guy in our med school class who was Interested! In! Me!

Unfortunately, I was seeing fuckhead at the time.

More unfortunately, she can't remember his name.

Useless friends I have, I tell you.

Incidentally, is it wrong that I'm watching the Presidental Inauguration just so I can see what Laura Bush and her two daughters are wearing?

(Does it seem like all I'm talking about is how I am not finding anyone to date? (And when I say date, I really mean "someone who will buy me lots of dinner and drinks and who I can sleep with".) Ah. Well, too bad then, isn't it. We will discuss the reasons for that in a later post. And besides, if I actually start dating, I'll be all sorts of boring and needing to stir the pot and that's never good for a relationship.)